Ex-Korn guitarist urges band to replace him for good

Brian 'Head' Welch says reunion will never happen

Former Korn guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch has urged the band to replace him for good.

The guitarist has posted an open letter online, in which he explained that he will never return to the metallers, of which he was a founding member and played in for 12 years. He left in 2005.

Welch tweeted on Saturday (February 5) on his Twitter page, Twitter.com/brianheadwelch: “Dear Korn. Please let Wes Geer join Korn and take my old place on stage so people will quit telling me to go back to Korn.””

Welch was making reference to former (hed) PE guitarist Wes Geer, who has been Korn‘s touring guitarist for over a year but is not a permanent member of the band.

Since he left Korn in 2005 Welch has become a devout Christian. He has written two autobiographies and is working on his second solo album.