Korn fan fighting for his life

Man in critical condition following concert brawl

A Korn fan is fighting for his life after a brawl broke out at a concert in America.

Andy Richardson is in a critical condition following the fight which happened at the band’s Atlanta show at the HiFi Buys Amphitheatre, reports

The 30-year-old was allegedly attacked by two unidentified men after he asked them to be careful not to hurt his pregnant girlfiend and a mentally ill child with him.


According to his friend Edgar Arellano, the men left the area before they returned and assaulted Richardson.

Arellano added: “We were all enjoying the concert, we were having a good time, until these two guys came around. He was unconscious. He had blood all over his face when I picked him up.”

Richardson‘s mother Gloria, who claims that her son is brain dead and is not expected to live, has urged the men to turn themselves into the police.

She added: “Can you imagine your child goes to a concert and be killed for it, because of people out there fighting to have a quote unquote good time? I’m very angry.”


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