NME.COM learns the staggering cost of 'Untouchables' - which took three years to make...

Korn’s comeback album ‘UNTOUCHABLES’ has taken three years and a staggering £3 million to produce, NME.COM has learned.

NME.COM has been leaked a copy of ‘Untouchables’, which is set to be the biggest metal album of the year – and the most expensive. The costs work out at £800.21 per second. It is released on June 10, preceded by the single ‘Here To Stay’ on May 27.

‘Untouchables’ is a massive release, so the leak of the album will prove an embarrassment to the band’s label Epic. A spokesman told NME.COM: “All we can say is ‘no comment’.”

The album is typically heavy Korn, but the expensive production has added electronic sounds with a slightly gothic feel.

But singer Jonathan Davis’ lyrics have concerned some fans who found songs on the Internet. One fan wrote to fan site Kornweb: “I’m kinda worried about Jon Davis… I don’t know, but I can feel it in his music that he’s getting kinda suicidal.”

Another fan told NME: “It sounds fucking awesome. But it’s more new romantic than nu-metal!”

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