The success of the rockers' cinema broadcast gives contemporaries food for thought...

Bands in the US are considering broadcasting gigs in cinemas to broaden their appeal across the country.

The proposed scheme follows a gig last month by Korn at the New York Hammerstein Ballroom, which was broadcast to fans in almost 40 cinemas nationwide.

Most of the tickets were free, but cinema bosses think that live music could follow in the footsteps of sporting events and be broadcast for a charge.

Constance Schwartz, who works at Korn‘s management company The Firm, said: “About 80% of the 37 theatres were sold out and the remainder were about 60% to 75% full. The theatre managers were very happy and the fans walked away happy.”

Speaking about future events, Schwartz added: “We wouldn’t charge a concert-ticket price. Ten dollars a ticket is what everyone’s goal is down the road.”

BBC news reports that Limp Bizkit and [a][/a] could be the next bands to follow in Korn‘s footsteps.

Cinema bosses also hope to broadcast other cultural events, plays and functions as a way of increasing revenue during weekdays.