The band get to work on the follow-up to 'Untouchables'...

KORN are set to return to the studio to record the follow-up to last year’s ‘UNTOUCHABLES’.

The nu-metal pioneers’ sixth album is “straight, raw and dirty” according to frontman Jonathan Davis.

On the Korn website, [url=]korn.com, Davis told fans: “Well, we wanted to get back in the studio to do the album we wanted to do. ‘Untouchables’ was great but it was time for us to do a heavy groove album, and it is heavy.”

The band are set to record ten to 12 tracks, with the provisional song titles ‘No Jocks’ and ‘Head, Booty and Cock’.

Davis also said the band will try to stop songs leaking onto the Internet after fans were able to hear songs from 2002’s ‘Untouchables’ months before it was released.