Bassist James 'Munky' Schaffer causes a storm of protest with his comments...

KORN guitarist JAMES ‘MUNKY’ SHAFFER has kicked up a storm of controversy by saying that he thinks HITLER “went to heaven”.

The statement has been compared in America to the time John Lennon claimed that The Beatles

were bigger than Jesus, with fans and the media quick to attack him for blasphemy and bad taste.

“I think this is true Hitler went to Heaven (if there is such a thing as Heaven really exists),” Munky said. “He felt that what he did was right, and I think that if what you feel you’re doing is right, in your heart, then you can’t be wrong!”

In the statement, which formed part of an interview with ‘Metal Hammer’ magazine, Munky also apologised to the world for Fred Durst. Korn helped break Limp Bizkit – something the guitarist now regrets.

“Yeah, sorry about that,” he said. “I mean, Fred Durst knocked on our bus door in Jacksonville like, ‘Hey man, listen to my tape,’ so it’s our fault. I’m not ashamed of that, it’s just sometimes when you bring a band to the public you can’t control what people are going to do, and it’s silly to think you can when you want them to do one thing and they do another.”

Message boards have been inundated with fan comments since the interview, with

website – click here to see the messages – the forum for most of the backlash.

“If what you feel you’re doing is right, in your heart, then you can’t be wrong”!?! WTF!!!,” said Mr Huh. “Since when do strong personal convictions make something rational, justifiable, and correct? I guess Charles Manson, Jeffrey Damor [sic], Jim Jones, David Koresh and others couldn’t have been wrong either, since they believed that what they were doing in their hearts was right. At least he apologised for Limp Bizkit though.”

Someone called Dudeguy was more succinct: “What a dumbass,” he said.

However, Schaffer has now attempted to distance himself from his remarks issuing a hasty retraction. “Hitler’s fate and treatment in the afterlife is determined by a higher power, not me or anyone else,” he said. “I apologise to anyone who was offended by my comments.”