'Take A Look In The Mirror' is almost complete...

KORN‘s new album is to be called ‘TAKE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR’ and will include a cover of METALLICA‘s ‘ONE’, according to bassist FIELDY.

The band have recorded 14 or 15 songs for the follow-up to last year’s ‘Untouchables’, including ‘One’, which was premiered at a tribute concert to Metallica last May.

“We’re just about done (recording the album),” Fieldy said. “We’re actually gonna do something that we never did before. Jonathan (Davis, singer)’s got a studio on his (tour) bus, and we’re gonna write four more songs on his bus.”

He added, “The record will be out in November, but we’ve got ten songs done that are slamming. We self-produced it – no producer, so it’s just raw Korn.”

Speaking about the inclusion of ‘One’ on the record, Fieldy said, “Some kids have seen it, some haven’t but it just turned out so good, it’s gotta go on the record.”

Also slated to make it to the final cut is ‘Did My Time’ which appeared on the ‘Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life’ film, though Fieldy describes the other songs as “Heavier. That’s just one song.” He told the Ohio radio station, The Blitz 99.7: “It’s banging – that’s all I’ve gotta say.”

Korn are currently on the road with the Ozzfest tour, which will finish at Florida’s West Palm Beach Coral Sky Amphitheatre on August 28.