Korn bassist Fieldy’s band Stillwell share video for ‘Could’ve Sworn’

It's taken from the band's third album, 'Supernatural Miracle'

Stillwell have shared a video for new song ‘Could’ve Sworn’ – you can watch it below.

Made up of Korn bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu, vocalist/guitarist Anthony “Q-Unique” Quiles and P.O.D. drummer Noah “Wuv” Bernardo, Stillwell released their third album, ‘Supernatural Miracle’, in September.

Inspired by the death of one of the band’s family members, Fieldy explained how ‘Could’ve Sworn’ came to be.


“Q lost his brother some time ago, and it’s about that feeling when you could’ve sworn you’ve seen your lost loved one here or there,” he told Alternative Press. “It’s more of a celebration of his life than a sad one. It’s not a sad song because it’s a feeling millions of people can relate to.

“Sometimes you look through a crowd and think, ‘Did I see them?’ Even if it’s not just talking about loved ones that have died, right now it’s also about our rock scene at the moment. Because that’s our family, and we don’t get to see them anymore.”

You can listen to ‘Could’ve Sworn’ below:

Speaking on the new album, Fieldy added: “We were on a journey of trying to figure out what we really wanted to do, to find ourselves. We didn’t want to sound anything like Korn because I didn’t want to take the integrity away from my band. We wanted to put something out that was totally different because we all listen to very different music.

“We went in the direction of the bands that we listened to and influenced us, from Stone Temple Pilots to Jane’s Addiction, Foo Fighters to Oasis. Once we found what we were really looking for, it gave us a path to a more consistent album than ‘Raise It Up’. We found the missing link was the bounce and the swing of a fun song.”


In July, Korn shared a cover of Charlie Daniels’ 1979 classic ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia’. The track was made available exclusively on the group’s Bandcamp page, with all proceeds going towards non-profit organisation, Awakening Youth.

“We’re very excited to bring you our cover of the late, great Charlie Daniels’ infamous track, ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia’,” Korn wrote in a statement on Bandcamp.

“Charlie left a musical legacy that goes beyond just one genre, and we want to honor his talent and influence with our own rendition of his song.”