KoRn’s surgical mask merchandise sells out due to coronavirus panic

The masks were originally released last year

KorR‘s own line of branded surgical masks sold out today, as interest in the items apparently spiked in the face of growing concerns about the coronavirus.

The unusual merch items were retailing at $10 (£7.69) via Korn’s online webstore. Though the range was initially released last year, the masks proved to be incredibly popular in light of recent panic.

However, fans who were hoping to grab one have been reassured that they can subscribe and be notified when more come in stock.


Scientists have clarified that these type of masks do not necessarily prevent infection. Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist, told Live Science that regular surgical masks will not actually prevent people from contracting coronavirus.

Korn surgical masks
Korn surgical masks. Credit: Korn webstore

“They’re not designed to keep out viral particles, and they’re not nearly as tightly fitted around your nose and cheeks,” he explained, adding that the masks are more potentially beneficial to someone already infected in order to limit contagion.

In December, Korn singer Jonathan Davis spoke out about his grief after losing both his wife and his mother during the making of the band’s recent album ‘The Nothing’.

During the recording of Korn’s 13th album, Davis’ estranged wife Deven died of an accidental drug overdose, while his mother Holly also passed away.


“The whole record is just this grieving process of all of the things I went through,” Davis explained. “It’s not necessarily textbook how I was grieving like denial and anger.

“I went through all kinds of different stuff. I went to a really dark place, and I think I brought back something dark with me ever since I lost them.”