ATP founder names Kraftwerk and Wes Anderson as dream curators

Barry Hogan likens the festivals to 'fantasy football'

All Tomorrow’s Parties festivals organiser Barry Hogan has revealed his dream curators for the events.

Speaking to NME about the 10-year anniversary of the weekender events this year, Hogan said that Kraftwerk and Wes Anderson would be his first choices as curators.

“I’d love people like Wes Anderson or Kraftwerk to come and do something,” Hogan said, before stating that “we’re big fans” of the German band and the film director. “You never know!” he added.

Hogan also said that deciding who will curate each ATP is “kind of like fantasy football but with more fans”, and that there is a something of a routine to picking each curator.

“I always see ATP as like a wedding – you should be invited, really,” he said. “The thing about it is we’ve got a curator who’s essentially making us a mixtape for the stage. But we want every curator to be something we’ve endorsed. We’ve been really fortunate.”

Godspeed You Black Emperor curate the next ATP: the Nightmare Before Christmas event at Butlins in Minehead on December 3-5. Meanwhile, the Bowlie 2 takes place at the same location on December 10-12, with In Between Days on December 6-9.

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