Kraftwerk set to release a ‘3D album’ later this year

The performances will include those from the band's recent 3D tour

Kraftwerk are translating their visual shows into a ‘3D album’, set to be released in late autumn on Blu-ray.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, original member Ralf Hutter said, “We translated our performances to 3D, and in surround sound, kind of like 3D sound.”

He went on to say, “We’ve put a lot of work into all the images, transforming from our Kling Klang archives into 3D format and arranging it synchronised with the music, so it’s quite a lot of production.”

The performances will include those from the band’s recent 3D tour, which travelled to venues including the Sydney Opera House, London’s Tate Modern and the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.

In the autumn, they will kick off a tour which starts on the September 16 in Edmonton. It will also include shows in cities the band haven’t played since 1975, such as Portland, Austin and Kansas City.

NMEGuy Eppel/NME

Earlier this year, the first ever Kraftwerk conference took place in Aston, Birmingham.

The two-day academic conference dedicated to the German band was called Industrielle Volksmusik For The Twenty-First Century: Kraftwerk And The Birth Of Electronic Music In Germany and was held at Aston University on January 21 and 22.

It attracted professors, fans and contributors from as far as Switzerland and the United States, as well as musicians including Everything Everything’s Jeremy Pritchard.