Kraftwerk’s transport rider leaks online – and it’s very Kraftwerk

Electronic pioneers list their local travel demands in newly revealed document

A copy of Kraftwerk‘s alleged “transport rider” from their tour in 2013 has surfaced online and sees the band requesting drivers that are “suave gear changers” and demanding that the “radio in the car must be turned off at all times”.

As Clash reports, the document was recently tweeted by the Twitter account of Finnish record label Frozen Reeds. The label wrote in a caption: “Have been sitting on this illicit snap of Kraftwerk’s transport rider for so long now. It’s so wonderfully Kraftwerk. Enjoy.”

The rider sees the band listing their local travel requirements. It begins: “Because of rather bad driving experiences in the recent past in various parts of the world, we feel obliged to reiterate the way band and crew are being transported and looked after while in your territory.”

The list includes requests for specific cars like the Mercedes Vitro, ones with tainted windows and that drivers “have a moderate driving style” and “meet basic hygiene standards”.

“Drivers shall not talk to the band / shall not take or ask for photos with the band / shall not ask for autographs,” the band add.

Read the rider in full below.

Last month, Kraftwerk released a new live album and 3D film collection.

The new live release, ‘3D The Catalogue’ featured audio and visual recordings of the band playing such albums as ‘Autobahn’, ‘Tour De France’ and Techno Pop’ in full , along with performances of five other classic Kraftwerk albums (‘Radioactivity’, ‘Trans Europe Express’, ‘The Man-Machine’, ‘Computer World’, and ‘The Mix’).