Krept & Konan discuss dealing with trauma: “These things affect us but we act like it’s normal”

“Where we’re from, we’re meant to just get on with things”.

Krept & Conan have opened up about dealing with depression, trauma and suicidal thoughts in a new interview.

Alongside Ramz, who also features on the duo’s new album ‘Revenge Is Sweet’, the group spoke to The Guardian about their own battles with mental health and the impact they’ve seen it have on people close to them.

“Our friend did actually kill himself, and it affected us seriously,” Konan said. “Ramz is our peoples and he’s going through the same situation, and we don’t want him to go down that path. He’s getting help now.”


Ramz claims he had never suffered from mental health problems before last year. “I didn’t know I was in a situation like that until someone told me: ‘You’re depressed, you’re a threat to yourself sometimes.


“People were saying stuff online… I couldn’t even write. So I stopped making music, didn’t go to the studio any more. I was just staying at home, not doing anything.” Krept says that he and Konan have also struggled to deal with negativity on the internet: “People not giving us the dues, people cussing us online, people giving us hate. It’s affecting our mental health.”

Ramz also spoke about the day he seriously considered suicide, posting a hangman image on Instagram and running into the road. “On the day when I posted the picture I was in my car,” he said. “I turned off my phone and everything so no one could get a hold. I said to myself: ‘If no one comes in a certain time I’m going to kill myself.’ I’m not even lying. The ambulance came, the police came.”

The rapper said he’s now receiving therapy, but still finds it difficult to return to: “I don’t even want to be there, it just brings back bad memories. I just feel like I’m a different person.”

In a four-star review of Revenge Is Sweet, NME said: “These two rap entrepreneurs have proven that it was worth the wait for another studio album. The years between ‘Revenge Is Sweet’ and their debut ‘Long Way Home’ have been fruitful for the duo, but – for all their dabbling – this is a welcome return to their roots.”




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