Krept & Konan: ‘We’re just getting warmed up’

Krept & Konan have told fans to expect a quick succession of new releases in the year ahead, with their next album expected in 2018.

The South London duo released their acclaimed debut album ‘The Long Way Home’ in 2015. Their last release came this year with double mixtape ‘Seven Days/Seven Nights‘. Now, they’ve revealed that this is just a taste of what lies ahead.

“We’ve still got to release videos from our two projects that have just come out,” Casyo “Krept” Johnson told NME. “We just went top ten with both of those mixtapes. We’re working on our album and some singles. After we release a project, we don’t take gaps. We want to be straight and consistent like pow-pow-pow-pow.”

Karl “Konan” Wilson added: “We’ve got some big, big records to come – we’re just getting warmed up.”

Krept & Konan with Stormzy at the MTV EMAs 2017

Krept & Konan with Stormzy at the MTV EMAs 2017

The pair were speaking to NME at the MTV EMAs 2017 – were they said that they were proud to be among the many artists representing grime and UK hip-hop.

“We’ve come a long way, now we’re in the mix of everything,” said Krept. “Before it was there but now it’s in the forefront. Our genre is up there with pop and dance and now we’re all going head to head.”

Konan continued: “Before, one artist from our genre would go and champion it. Now, there are so many artists killing it. It’s crazy and I’m just glad that we’re a part of it.”

Asked about which rising artists fans should be looking out for, Konan replied: “Not3s is killing it, Yung Lean is killing it, Stefflon Don. You need to be watching the scene as a whole. It’s just growing all the time. Turn on your radio, look at the festival line-ups – there’s loads of us, we’re everywhere and we’re killing it.”