The declaration intends to further promote harmony within the rap community and wider suburbs...

Legendary rapper KRS-ONE is to present the UNITED NATIONS in NEW YORK with a ‘HIPHOP DECLARATION OF PEACE’.

The rapper’s ‘Temple Of Hiphop’ organisation launched its fourth annual ‘Hiphop Appreciation Week’ yesterday (May 14), with a press conference and proclamation ceremony at City Hall in New York.

The event began with ‘The International Hiphop Conference For Peace/Declaration of Peace Signing’. Selected delegates from the music industry, press and UN officials met and signed a ‘Hip-Hop Declaration of Peace’ document, intended to further promote harmony within both the rap community and the wider suburbs.


Proclamations were received from a host of civic dignitaries, including US Senator Charles E. Schumer, as well as Bronx and Manhattan borough candidates.

KRS-One‘s mission for Hiphop Appreciation Week is to declare hiphop as a legitimate international culture for peace and to decriminalise hiphop’s public image. The year its main focus is charity. KRS-One and numerous hiphop community members and pioneers will donate time and resources that support creative expression and development.