Organisers say the theme of this year's event is "charity"...

KRS-ONE, GRANDMASTER FLASH, AFRIKA BAMBAATAA and the REV. AL SHARPTON are due to gather later today (February 20) in NEW YORK to announce the beginning of the fourth annual HIP HOP APPRECIATION WEEK during May.

The stars will be joined by, amongst others, Doug E. Fresh, DJ Kool Herc and Chivon Dean from Ruff Ryders at Club SOBs at 1pm EST (6pm GMT). The week will run from May 14-21.

The theme of this year’s event is “charity”, and organisers say they hope to “decriminalise hip hop’s public image and promote the unity of hip hop Kulture”.


A partial breakdown of the week’s events includes panel discussions, a memorial for deceased members of hip hop Kulture, film presentations, and a closed-door International hip hop Peace Conference. Venues and more specific information will be unveiled at today’s press conference.

KRS-One, leader of the Temple Of hip hop (a self-proclaimed “hip hop preservation society”) and driving force behind the week, said: “This we believe is the beginning of hip hop’s preservation and further development.”