KT Tunstall reunited with stolen tambourine

Instrument was returned to singer in a taxi

KT Tunstall has been reunited with her stolen tambourine after it was returned to her hotel in a taxi.

After performing the in Wick in the Scottish Highlands on Friday night, Tunstall noticed the instrument had been taken, suspecting an overzealous fan had taken it as a souvenir.

Taking to Twitter, Tunstall wrote: “Wick! Amazing show thank you but someone stole my tambourine off stage; if you know where it is please return to the Mackay Hotel tomorrow am.”

She added that the long-serving tambourine with its gaffer-taped edges and wonky chimes was of sentimental value and she was desperate to get it back in one piece.

The following morning, the tambourine turned up at the door of the Mackay Hotel by itself in a taxi. She later tweeted: “We did it! I got my tambo back. Thanks for your help. Hey, sometimes excitement gets the better of us!”

The singer was so thrilled by the instrument’s return she penned a new song “I got my tambo back” and uploaded to Twitter on Saturday.