Ex-Kula Shaker frontman 'microseconds' away from new project...

Ex-Kula Shaker frontman CRISPIAN MILLS has announced he’s “literally two microseconds” away from starting a new musical venture.

Speaking to fans via his official website (, Mills has revealed he’s about to enter the studio with a new band and intends to release new material soon.

It looks like Mills will invite fans into the studio with him via an internet webcam imminently. Late last year, following the split of Kula Shaker, he promised fans he would return via the net and encouraged people to send him ideas for a new project.

In a web news bulletin released last week Mills said: “Greetings to you all on the cybernetic superhighway overload. “Please keep your letters and ideas coming in, we look forward to hearing from you. What’s the buzz, what’s happening?

“I’m literally two microseconds away from starting rehersals for a brand new musical adventure. I promise I’ll make sure you are the first to know about it and invite you into the studio in mid-March.

“I’ll tell you who’s playing what, why, where and hopefully get some cool links up as well.

“Stay tuned, love Crispian.”