And then proceeds to talk a whole load of mumbo jumbo - make of it what you will...

Former KULA SHAKER frontman CRISPIAN MILLS has posted an e-mail circular to his fans welcoming in the New Year and heralding last night’s (January 9) lunar eclipse, viewed throughout the UK, as holding “magical portents”.

In the mailout, Mills also directs fans to the Vedic and Panchang astronomy website, [url=] (an ancient Indian astrology that relies on the moon for its readings), quoting what those stargazers have said about the event.

“The Lunar eclipse presents us with an opportunity to contemplate

the symbolic meaning of the Moon and it’s shadow, the mysterious planet

Rahu,” he said. “The moon represents our inner emotional being, the intuitive psyche and all things natural, feminine and nurturing.”

He went on: “The symbolism of the eclipse highlights the opportunity – even necessity – to welcome change and understand ourselves and the world around us better… The eclipse falls in the sign of Gemini which suggests that communication is the catalyst for change now. Further Gemini represents mental and intellectual processes as well as inspiration – and moments of deep insight. There is little to be gained by avoiding the change symbolised by the eclipse. “

A message posted on the singer’s website [url=] also revealed he was currently finishing his debut solo album and hoped to tour sometime this year.