Kula frontman explains ambiguous statement about Asians...

Kula Shaker‘s Crispian Mills has spoken to the NME to try to clear up exactly what he meant when he said in a recent Guardian interview that there was a “big difference” between Asians in Asia and Asians in Britain.

Mills was saying that there was friction between the new Asian underground artists such as ADF and Talvin Singh.

He explained to NME: “Asians in Britain are expressing their individuality and their creativity in a different environment to Asia, and to a certain extent they’ve struggled to be recognised and celebrated until quite recently. It’s a different environment.”


“On the musical level you’ve got this ancient Asian tradition in their blood and they’re mixing that with what they’ve got around them and the Western side and there’s a lot of exciting stuff happening as a result of it.”

He also said that he empathised with sacked England manager Glenn Hoddle, who also got into trouble for talking quasi-mystical bobbins in an interview.

“It must be very difficult doing that job. It must be very difficult being emotionally accountable to half the British (sic) public every single day when all you’re supposed to be doing is doing a sport well. These people, their hearts and their souls are in it, and then you’ve got the press whipping people up into a frenzy,” he said. “I could certainly… empathise with somebody under that amount of pressure. But it’s his thing.”

The full Crispian Mills interview appears in this week’s NME, on sale across the UK today.