Kula Shaker reform

Crispian Mills and co are back

Kula Shaker have reformed, nearly seven years after they split.

The band got back together for a secret gig at The Wheatsheaf pub in Leighton Buzzard under the pseudonym of The Garcons shortly before Christmas (December 21).

Singer Crispian Mills, bassist Alonza Bevan and drummer Paul Winterhart took to the stage and treated unsuspecting fans to a set which included ‘Govinda’, ‘Hush’ as well as “a fucked up version of ‘Hey Dude’” according to Mills.


Kula Shaker played without original keyboard player Jay Darlington, who is currently working with Oasis.

Appearing onstage in a grey wig, Mills also led the band through three new songs.

Kula Shaker split up in March 1999 following the release of their second album ‘Peasants, Pigs And Astronauts’ – the follow-up to 1996’s debut ‘K’.

Mills went on to form The Jeevas, who disbanded last year after two LPs, and has recently written a screenplay ‘The Winged Boy’, which has been slated for production this year.

The gig has sparked rumours of a permanent reunion for Kula Shaker, with the singer also cryptically posting on his myspace.com page: “Stay tuned for the unveiling of our project mystérieux, which we are confident will rock your world and wedge your eyes an inch deeper into your head. You’ll be that excited. This project mystérieux will be revealed and discussed, along with a cool new site… very soon.”

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