A touring exhibition of Kurt Cobain’s ‘artwork, personal artifacts and memorabilia’ is in the works

A feature-length movie about his life is also being developed

A touring exhibition featuring artwork, personal artifacts and memorabilia created and owned by Kurt Cobain is being planned.

The Nirvana frontman painted the cover of the band’s ‘Incesticide‘ record as well as creating other pieces of art, some of which were shown for the first time in the 2015 film Montage Of Heck.

Two of Cobain’s paintings, which have never been exhibited before, will be showcased at Seattle Art Fair between August 3-6. The New York Times reports this is the first stages of the exhibition, which is said to have a similiar concept to the Rolling Stones’ ‘Exhibitionism’.


Joshua Roth, director for United Talent Agency Fine Arts, told the paper the company was planning to “create a touring exhibition that really tells the story of who Kurt was through artworks, personal artifacts and memorabilia, sort of like what the Rolling Stones did in London.”

The paintings shown in Seattle are both described as “distorted” with similarities to the ‘Incesticide’ cover. They will not be available for purchase. Roth said: “It’s too hard to put a price on them. They’re very special to the family.”

He added that Cobain’s estate includes “dozens” more pieces of artwork, including “several paintings, many drawings, many sculptures”.

UTA is also reportedly working on a feature-length motion picture about Cobain’s life.

Meanwhile, Frances Bean Cobain has opened a new art exhibition with Lindsey Way of the band Mindless Self Indulgence.


Artnet News reports that the 24-year-old daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love has a new exhibition running at Gallery 30 South in Pasadena, California called ‘Ghosts for Sale‘. It is a joint show with Lindsey Way, the wife of My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way who goes by the stage name Lyn-Z.

Cobain’s works have already sold out, selling for between $1,200 (£1,076) and $4,500 (£4,037).

“I think what’s really great about this body of work that Frances has put together is that there’s a real confidence in the line and the mixed media,” gallery director Matt Kennedy told artnet News“I love the bold use of colour. She seems to have an inherent capacity for composition and colour theory.”

Kennedy added: “France’s ability to use of colour is in line with that of very established artists who know the rules and then break them in a way that makes sense and pushes the work forward. You never really see that in young artists.”