Kurt Loder apologises to Jewel over infamous MTV interview

In the infamous 1998 clip, Loder corrected Jewel's use of grammar, for which he now says he is "ashamed"

Over 20 years later, Kurt Loder has apologised to Jewel for the way he spoke to her in an infamous MTV interview from 1998.

During the interview, critic, journalist and TV personality Loder notoriously called Jewel out on her grammar and criticised some of the language she had used in one of her poems.

Discussing her then-new poetry collection A Night Without Armor, Jewel was interrupted by Loder, who disagreed with her usage of the word “casualty” in one of the poems. In response at the time, Jewel said: “You’re a smart-ass for pointing that out.”


In a new interview with Stereogum this month, Jewel revealed that she was yet to receive an apology of any kind from Loder.

“I just remember looking at him and like saying, ‘Fuck you.’ I am uneducated, straight-up. An uneducated kid that was homeless. You’re a college-educated man going after a kid, ‘Fuck you.’ I was so pissed. No, no apology.”

Jewel added: “He was just a dick. What an ass to show himself like that. It was almost that thing where you’d feel sorry for somebody, it’s like, ‘Wow, here’s a full grown man who does news for children, on a children’s network, for teenagers.’ Yeah. You’re bitter.”

In a statement shared via Yahoo Entertainment, Loder has now apologised for his actions for the first time, writing: “That MTV interview I did with Jewel was a shitty thing to do to anyone, and I’ve been ashamed of having done it ever since. If I could go back in time I’d smack me in the head. However, I’m not a college graduate….”


Jewel is set to release new album ‘Freewheelin’ Woman’, her first since 2015’s ‘Picking Up The Pieces’, this Friday (April 15).

“I cut my teeth on singers like Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan and got into those Muscle Shoals records a little later on, and for some reason that’s where my voice and my writing wanted to go on this album,” she said of the new record.

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