Kurt Vile parade to take place in Philadelphia this weekend

City's native son throws Easter weekend parade in his own honour

Kurt Vile is to throw a parade in his home city of Philadelphia.

Due to be hosted by comedian Tom Scharpling, the parade, believed to be for the filming of a new video, is to take place on Saturday (March 30) at a secret location in the city. A message on the website of Vile’s label, Matador, reads: “If you are in Philadelphia this Saturday and would like to join the parade, email kurtvileparade@gmail.com for time and location.”

Vile’s fifth solo album, ‘Wakin On A Pretty Daze’, is released on April 8. Vile recently told Spin that the record sounds like Fleetwood Mac‘s ‘Tusk’. “It’s totally our ‘Tusk’, but no cheese. Just rock,” he said of the album, which features guest appearances from Farmer Dave Scher of Beachwood Sparks and Stella Mozgawa of Warpaint.


“You turn it on and it sounds like me. But the guitar playing is better and the ideas are new. It’s classic, it’s epic, with many more solos,” he added.

Kurt Vile will play Field Day in London on May 25 with The Violators.

The ‘Wakin On A Pretty Daze’ tracklisting is:

‘Wakin On A Pretty Day’
‘KV Crimes’
‘Was All Talk’
‘Girl Called Alex’
‘Never Run Away’
‘Pure Pain’
‘Too Hard’
‘Shame Chamber’
‘Snowflakes Are Dancing’
‘Air Bud’