Watch Kurt Vile perform ‘Pretty Pimpin’,’ ‘I’m An Outlaw’ and ‘Dust Bunnies’ on CBS This Morning

"I've called myself 'Philly's Constant Hitmaker' since I was putting out CD-Rs"

Kurt Vile was interviewed on American show CBS This Morning before performing three songs in support of his latest album.

Vile performed ‘I’m An Outlaw,’ ‘Dust Bunnies’ and recent single ‘Pretty Pimpin” and spoke of his family and rising career to anchor Anthony Mason.

Speaking of his ever-growing fanbase, Vile commented: “I don’t notice much of a difference, except I notice like, middle-aged stewardesses come up to me once in a while now.”


The three songs performed are taken from three songs from last year’s ‘b’lieve i’m goin down’ with ‘Pretty Pimpin” reaching number one on the Adult Alternative Songs. Speaking to Billboard, Vile said: “I’ve called myself ‘Philly’s Constant Hitmaker’ since I was putting out CD-Rs, so it’s good to know that I finally grew into those shoes after 10 years or so.”

Vile recently endorsed the new Dinosaur Jr album, saying that it’s the “kind of Dino” he “likes”. The video sees the artist listening to ‘Give A Glimpse of What Yer Not’ alongside his young daughter. Vile asks her opinion of the album, to which she laughs and blows on a trumpet.

You can watch videos of Kurt Vile performing ‘Pretty Pimpin’,’ ‘I’m An Outlaw’ and ‘Dust Bunnies’ as well as a snippet of the interview on CBS The Morning below.