Kurupt FM talk collaborating with Adele and ‘sleeping on a bed of fivers’ after signing new XL record deal

Could we see a Kurupt x Adele supergroup?

Kurupt FM have spoken of the honour of landing a major recording deal with XL – as well as their chances of collaborating with labelmate Adele.

Last week, it was announced that the garage outfit and stars of BBC’s ‘People Just Do Nothing’ had been signed to XL Recordings – home to the likes of Radiohead, Adele, The xx, Arca, King Krule and many more. Needless to say, they celebrated in style.

“It’s good mate listen, I just was in my bed right now,” Chabuddy G told NME. “I literally just sleep on a bed of fivers right now; you’ve seen the pictures. So all over my bed is just fivers and love letters, that’s how I sleep. It’s sometimes a bit painful actually because those new fivers are made of plastic so I’ve gone to the doctor and I’m just bleeding. But do you know what the blood is symbolic of success, so I bleed success. Do you know what I mean? Do you hear me now? I’m immortal.”


Asked if there’s hope for a collaboration with their XL labelmate Adele, Chabuddy G replied: “Oh yeah I’d love that do you know what I mean? Like, I proper fancy Adele as well so I’m gonna try and chirpse her, I wanna be with her. Do you know what I mean, I know that I’m a dirty geezer, and I like a curvaceous woman.

“Obviously she can hit them high notes mate, she’s got a beautiful singing voice and I’ve actually got quite a pleasant falsetto. A lot of people don’t know that. So I wanna sing to her, I wanna serenade her, do you know what I mean? A Kurupt FM and Adele track… do you know what we’d probably do – we’d probably get her to sing and then Beats will probably sample her, chop her up like old school garage style.”

He added: “Yeah I think that’s what we’ll do because she’s a bit soppy for Kurupt FM do you what I mean? Singing about love and all that crap, the boys are a little bit more hardcore just talking about like bars and weed – that’s more our main subjects.”

But who would their dream collaboration be with?


“Ahh mate, I mean, listen. Obviously you could say Michael Jackson, you could say Prince but for me it would 100% it would be Apache Indian mate,” replied Chabuddy. “I wanna bring back Apache Indian, so Chabuddy G x Apache Indian x Kurupt FM remix. Do you what I mean, like I think it just works, like we’ve got the Regaton? we’ve got the Bumrah, we’ve got the garage – let’s bring it all together mate. Because that’s what my thing would be.

“Yeah, Michael Jackson would be cool. Marvin Gaye would be alright, but Apache Indian? You’re talking proper icon. You’re talking legend. Do you know what I mean? You’re talking a place in history – nostalgia. Yeah mate, and I’m Pakistani so we could be called Apaki Indian.”

Chabuddy G was unable to tell NME about when we could expect Kurupt FM’s first music to be released on XL, but he did tell us that it would a surprise and “instant DVD legendary”.

“It’s going to be epic, it’s going to be an instant classic,” he said. “It’s going to define culture, that’s what we do. We have a look at culture and go ‘oh look, that culture’s alright, let me define it’! We look at the ground and think ‘this ground is alright’, and then we break it: groundbreaking… that’s good word play. So you know mate, just keep your eyes and ears peeled. Keep everything peeled. All of your bodily functions and bodily holes, keep them peeled alright?”