Ed Sheeran has a ‘creepy’ obsession with Kurupt FM, apparently

"He's a bit needy".

Kurupt FM’s Chabuddy G has claimed that Ed Sheeran developed a “creepy” obsession with the garage group after they collaborated for a charity video earlier this year.

The stars of BBC Three’s People Just Do Nothing joined forces with Sheeran for a Comic Relief video that saw them covering ‘Shape of You’ and changing the central chorus to ‘I’m in love with Chabuddy.’

But Chabuddy claims that megastar Ed keeps inviting the Kurupt FM boys to hang out after their initial meeting, and he’s not too interested.


“Oh mate, Ed Sheeran, yeah he’s alright mate. I think he’s quite grateful that we kind of got him some press, got him some coverage”, Chabuddy told NME.

“I still hear that song, that Shape of You song, and he’s still like “I’m in love with Chabuddy”, I think he’s just obsessed a bit mate. He’s getting a bit creepy now mate, like hold on mate, we did a little sketch with you and helped him out.

“Now he’s getting all ‘ahhh mate, come on let’s hang out’, and we’re just like chill out. He’s a bit needy, but he’s a nice guy and he’s very talented.

“I’m really surprised that I just found out that his dad was a footballer you know, he used to play for Newcastle, Alan Sheeran? He’s from a very talented family.”

But the Kurupt FM boys could soon be playing Sheeran at his own game, after signing to XL recordings – and revealing their ambitions to collaborate with labelmate Adele.