The View’s Kyle Falconer fined £25,000 for drunken behaviour, using homophobic slurs and causing a plane to divert

The Scottish singer tried to start a fight with passenger and used homophobic slurs.

Kyle Falconer of Dundee band The View has been fined a total of £25,000 for aggressive behaviour and using homophobic language that caused a Scotland-bound plane to divert.

The 29-year-old singer-songwriter objected when he wasn’t allowed to sit next his fiancée on a flight from Spain in June last year. He then bumped into the woman next to him and started a fight with her husband.

Due to Falconer’s behaviour being a safety risk, the flight had to be diverted to France to remove the singer from the plane. This cost Falconer £14,000 for the extra fuel used and compensation for passengers that missed connecting flights, reports The Mirror.


This fine comes on top of the £1,000 charged at Paisley Sheriff Court yesterday (December 13) and the £9,000 in legal fees after he admitted to threatening behaviour where he directed homophobic slurs at the cabin crew members.

This has left The View singer, as well as other members of the band, in bad financial positions. Ian Houston, who has been defending Falconer, said that: “The band have incurred considerable debts to the extent that the members are paid a weekly wage of £350”.

Houston said on the behalf of Falconer: “He has no assets. I can’t say, and neither can he, what happened to the money he must have earned”.

“He is deeply ashamed of this, especially the homophobic remark, given he has friends and relatives who are gay”.

The lawyer concluded: “He just wants to get on with the rest of his life. At the time he was drinking heavily – he was a binge drinker”