And we thought she was such a nice girl...

Pint-sized Australian siren Kylie Minogue let her usually cheery exterior slip last week when she lost her temper with an American journalist and slapped him across the face.

Kylie Minogue took exception to an article Bill Shulz, a writer for American magazine Stuff, had written. The piece focused on her wild past, especially tales of sex and drugs excess, many of them involving ex-lover Michael Hutchence.

When Kylie Minogue caught up with him last week at an aftershow party for ‘Saturday Night Live’, she exacted her revenge.

“In reaction to an interview we did, Kylie Minogue slapped me around the face at a ‘Saturday Night Live’ after-party,” Shulz revealed simply.

Kylie Minogue‘s PR spokesperson attempted to play down the clash saying: “It was a verbal assault. She told him he needed a slap across the face.”