Dannii says it's more likely to be a performance at a one-off event than a single release...

DANNII MINOGUE has revealed that she and sister KYLIE and are planning a duet.

Dannii explained that the sisters have been under pressure to duet during the past decade, but they would be more likely to perform together at a one-off event than release a single.

“We’ve both done Mardi Gras in Sydney,” Dannii told 1, “and that’s the biggest one in the world, it’s so much fun. Something like that would be great, something that is live and a one-off, rather than something that’s going to be played over and over again and shoved in your face, and in ten years’ time everyone’s going to be going, ‘Look at those hair-dos you had!’ – you want it to be more fun than that.”

Dannii’s new single, ‘Who Do You Love Now?’, is out this week, and was selling strongly enough to be at Number Three in the midweek charts.

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