A promoter who saw her UK shows is anxious to bring the singer home...

Kylie Minogue is tipped to tour her native AUSTRALIA in August, after an event promoter saw her UK dates and it blew him away.

The singer has just completed a UK tour, and is in the process of playing more dates across mainland Europe.

However, music promoter Michael Gudinski told the Australian news network , that having seen her play in Manchester, he is determined to bring her home for shows. She was not scheduled to come home until 2003.

Gudinski said: “I saw two shows in Manchester and it just blew my mind. Basically my whole vibe changed and I spoke to Kylie Minogue and her manager after the show and said ‘This show is so good Australia has to see it’. Kylie Minogue‘s bigger than Madonna in England at the moment.”

No dates are currently confirmed.