An incident of bulk-buying of pop icon Kylie Minogue's recent number one 'Spinning Around' proves innocent...

Kylie Minogue‘s number one comeback single ‘SPINNING AROUND’ was at the centre of an investigation by the Chart Information Network (CIN) after an instance of bulk-buying of the track emerged, nme.com can reveal.

However, fears that it was one of several examples of bulk-buying in an attempt to improve chart position were allayed when the one-off purchase was easily explained.

It seems that on the Monday morning of the track’s release (June 19), some 40 CD singles were bought during one sale in a record shop in west London.


Someone, thought to be from a rival label, approached CIN, the body responsible for monitoring sales and compiling the charts, and asked them to look into it.

It emerged that someone in the record export business had bought the singles as it worked out cheaper than getting them from his regular supplier. No other instance was uncovered by CIN.

However, when approached by nme.com, CIN refused to discuss the story. A spokesperson said: “We don’t comment on this because we don’t feel there’s a story there.”

Kylie‘s label Parlophone were more upfront. Their spokesperson said: “If they did an investigation, we didn’t know about it, and besides, as you’ve found out, there are no irregularities and everything was in order.”

The practice of buying up records in order to aid an artist’s chart position – record hyping – is widely believed to have died out. Where before there were fewer chart return shops in the country, meaning that one single sale would represent 10 or 15 sales on the chart, now each sale counts one for one, making the practice both incredibly expensive and easy to detect.