The more talented Minogue sister is just one of a host of stars involved in a charity clock face auction...

KYLIE MINOGUE is riding high in a charity auction of clock faces designed by the rich and famous, with bids for a clockface featuring her footprint in red currently standing at £470, with just over a day to go.

The auction is to raise funds for multiple sclerosis sufferers, and 199 celebrities – from pop stars to sporting idols and television personalities – have submitted their handiwork.

The second-highest bid for a pop star clock is £245 for Ronan Keating‘s doodle, which has the numbers one to 25 on it and the words “25 hours in my day, or so they tell me” and is signed by the Irish heartthrob. Blur‘s Damon Albarn is also well up there with a £105 bid for his clock, which bears the legend: “Imagine a world where time was a reverse of itself, where 12 noon was 11 am, where your parents were your kids, where dinosaurs had not yet evolved, where looking into the future was like remembering the past.”

Another one attracting high bids is the one designed by Fatboy Slim and wife Zoe Ball, which has a Day-Glo yellow smiley face with “The Fatboy Ball Clock” written on the bottom, which is currently going for £90.

Posh Spice Victoria Beckham’s clock, which stands at £160, is decorated in glitter and signed with black pen, while