'Spinning Around' is top of the charts in the UK - despite Radio 1's refusal to playlist it...

Kylie Minogue has described her comeback single ‘SPINNING AROUND’ debuting in both the UK and Australian charts at number 1 as “magical” – despite Radio 1 refusing to put the song on its playlist until two weeks ago.

Speaking about her success she said: “I think ‘Spinning Around’ is a great pop song and it’s been a while since I’ve done material that’s been so genuinely pop…I think it’s quite magical that I’m in this position once again, I feel very lucky. People have been patient and loyal for a long time.”

Radio 1‘s decision not to playlist Kylie was met with surprise across the music industry and was commented on by the tabloid press. It is not the first time Radio 1‘s playlisting policy has been questioned – Fat LesKeith Allen recently said the station’s bosses were “five years out of date”.

Despite the station’s decision, a spokesperson for Kylie said the move had not worried him.

He said: “They just didn’t want to put it on. The plugger kept plugging away and they changed their minds. It was put on the B-list – there wasn’t any panic or anything. We didn’t worry because we had a lot of play off ILR (Independent Local Radio) anyway.”

Malcolm Hill, director of promotions at Kylie‘s record label Parlophone, said Radio 1‘s decision was symptomatic of their current playlist policy.

He told “They felt it wasn’t right for their demographic. These days it’s not to do with the song – it’s about the artist and how established the artist is. I think they ‘over-think’ things when the song should stand up for itself.”

A spokesperson for Radio 1 said of the decision not to playlist the single: “It was up for consideration a couple of weeks before it went on but it was a particularly strong week.

“People tend to think that if it’s not on the playlist then it doesn’t get played at all and that’s not the case. The song had been played a couple of times on different people’s shows.

“We’ve got a well-documented history of bringing records into the mainstream from the specialist arena.

“We are there to bring the best new music to the widest possible audience. We do that.”

Kylie Minogue releases her new album, ‘Light Years’, in September through Parlophone, which is set to feature a duet with Robbie Williams.