The Aussie pop princess hopes 'Spinning Around' - and hot pants -will make her a chart star again...

Kylie Minogue has revealed that she is counting on her new single ‘SPINNING AROUND’, released this week, to secure her chart comeback.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper this morning (June 20), the Aussie pop princess admitted: “It is an important record for me. A lot of people have been calling me the Comeback Queen and that’s kind of appropriate. But I change like anyone else. I don’t look at it like a reinvention, it’s just a place where I am in my life.

“It’s all a bit exasperating. How many times can you reinvent yourself? I’m impulsive and I’ll just try to do something different. I have definitely made my share of blunders but I’m more at ease with myself and more aware of myself now.”

Kylie, who bared her bottom for GQ magazine this month, also admitted that she came over all coy when filming the video for the single, in which she wears a skimpy top and revealing hotpants.

She confessed: “I was feeling a bit shy at first because it does show a lot of flesh, but by the end of the second day’s filming I just thought so what, you’ve seen it all already. When I first saw the video I thought it was OK. I can’t believe what an impact it has had. I was jetlagged when I did it. I should just send the hotpants out to do interviews, forget about me!”