The singer stars in poll of most forwarded music emails…

KYLIE riding a bucking bronco in her pants has been voted the most popular popstar email forward, according to a new survey.

Most find jokey email forwards an amusing distraction from work or school chores, however a poll of “viral emails” by website has shown that with more than 2.5 million downloads Kylie’s advert for lingerie firm Agent Provocateur is the skivers favourite.

Other clips voted for include Destiny’s Child slipping on stage, the MTV awards kiss between Britney Spears, Madonna and Christina Aguilera, and an edit making Tony Blair and George W Bush appear to sing along to [a][/a]’s ’Gay Bar’.

The Top Ten are:

1. Erotic Kylie – Agent Provocateur ad

2. Missy Elliot caught bending over (Virgin ad)

3. ‘Gay Bar’ – Bush and Blair sing

4. Britney, Madonna and Christina kiss

5. Christina exposed (Virgin ad)

6. Kylie and Geri kiss

7. Michael Jackson’s face

8. Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl boob

9. Destiny’s Child trip

10.Ray Charles sing into the wrong mike

All the clips can be viewed at [url=]