Kylie discusses illness

She says she still a long way to go

Kylie Minogue has discussed her battle with cancer for the first time.

The singer, diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 just before she was due to appear at Glastonbury, says the disease left her tired, exhausted and energy free.

She told Sky One: “I have to get on that walking machine and I’ve never been in this situation before where I have to start from the beginning. I don’t have strength. I don’t have stamina. I don’t have everything that I took for granted before. So I’ve got a mountain to climb and I don’t fancy hanging around at the bottom of the mountain.”

Kylie says that the doctors caught the cancer just in time.

She admitted: “Had I not discovered that until a little later, the story might be very different. So overall I feel that I was saved, I really was.”

The singer, who was talking to Cat Deeley, said that people should understand the risks, saying: “Young people tend to think it doesn’t happen to them and it’s not true. I’m not here to scare people at all. It just happens, so be aware.”

The interview is due to be screened this Sunday (July 16) at 9pm.