Allan Van d'Arc has made 'So Stupid' available on his own website...

The person behind the infamous KYLIE MINOGUE interview bootleg ‘song’ has put the track on his website for downloading and, despite the threat of legal action, said today (March 31) he isn’t going to take it down.

The song, ‘So Stupid’, was taken off an unofficial fan website last week (March 24) because of concerns over legal action. However, the creator of the track, Allan Van d’Arc, has put it up for download on his own website.

Speaking to NME.COM, Van d’Arc today claimed that he was now facing a “legal warning” over the song.

He said: “Legal warning just in – I’m not taking the song down.”

The song uses snippets from a radio interview with a DJ during which the star became increasingly annoyed with his direct questioning – especially after being asked if she’d ever had any plastic surgery.

Van d’Arc explained: “I was very surprised to hear of the reports that people were desperate to ban it basically because I think it is a bit of fun and I think people should have a bit of a sense of humour.”

The DJ has put the song on the site for the price of £1 which he says is then donated to the NSPCC charity.

He said: “All of the proceeds are going to the NSPCC – which is the charity which Kylie is an ambassador for.”

“I’m not backing down now,” Van d’Arc added. “It’s a charity thing – it’s for kids. I’m certainly not taking it down – they’ll have to come and take me away.”