Concerns over legal action mean 'So Stupid' is no more...

KYLIE MINOGUE‘s now infamous botched interview bootleg ‘song’ has been taken off an unofficial fan website yesterday (March 24) because of concerns over legal action.

The song, ‘So Stupid’, used snippets from a radio interview with DJ Tony Wrighton during which the star became increasingly annoyed with his direct questioning – especially after being asked if she’d ever had any plastic surgery.

Within hours of appearing on fan website [url=]kylie.co.uk, the song was removed. NME.COM understands the radio station where the interview actually took place were upset that it had been used to create a song.

A source from [url=]kylie.co.uk told NME.COM: “The bootleg track you mention was supplied to us anonymously by a visitor to the site, but I have been warned about ‘copyright issues’ with it – and as I have no real proof of where it came from or who created it – or indeed who leaked the recording of the original interview, I figured it safer for me to remove it.”

Talking about the interview, he added: ” She’s actually just being completely professional and as polite as she always is – its hearing what she had to say afterwards that was the funniest part, and as ‘adult’ as she might like to portray herself in videos and shows and stuff, its still fantastic to hear her calling someone a twat!”