Kylie Minogue says she was ‘meant to be a one hit wonder’

The Australian pop icon has scored four Number One albums and seven Number One singles in her 31-year career

Kylie Minogue has said she was “probably meant to be a one hit wonder”.

The singer released her debut album ‘Kylie’ in 1988 and, since then, has scored four Number One albums and seven Number One singles. Her fourteenth studio album ‘Golden’ is set for release this week (April 6).

Speaking to The Sun, former Neighbours actor Minogue said: “I was probably meant to be a one hit wonder in many people’s eyes. I thought I was just going to keep on acting, and singing might take off. So you just never know. I think so much of it is destiny, a lot of it is hard work.”

She continued to say people should grab “chance and opportunity” and “don’t be afraid to make mistakes” when trying to achieve their dreams.

The singer, who will turn 50 on May 28, also spoke about getting older. “I remember 50 just being ancient [when I was a teenager],” she said. “I guess it’s different when it’s you who is 50.”

“Fifty now is very different to when I was 14. God, even 30 would seem ancient when I was 14. Your aunty would come over and you’d go, ‘She’s so old, she doesn’t understand anything about what music I’m listening to or what I want to wear.'”

Earlier this year, Minogue revealed she would love to duet with Lady Gaga. Appearing on Graham Norton’s BBC Radio 2 show, she answered a fan question about her dream duet.

“Wow, there’s plenty,” she said. “I think all of the duets I’ve done over the years have just kind of come to me, so I’m just in this habit of not actively reaching out to people. But I don’t do many duets with ladies, so I would love to sing with Gaga or something like that. It would be incredible.”