La Roux reveals she only made £100 in three months from Spotify

Elly Jackson reprimands Spotify for her tiny pay cheque

La Roux has announced that she only got paid £100 by Spotify for the last three months.

A year ago the singer, whose real name is Elly Jackson, admitted to Digital Spy that she’d “only recently” used Spotify and said that “it’s the best way to listen to music – anybody who says it isn’t has got something wrong with their ears!”

Despite this, yesterday she tweeted Spotify, saying: “thanks for the £100 for this quarter… one more month and I might be able to afford your premium service. Lucky me!”


Jackson will be hoping for a bigger return when she returns with her third album, which she has already begun work on. The second La Roux album was released last year, some five years after the self-titled debut.

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Speaking in a recent interview, Jackson suggested that there will not be another extended wait for new music from La Roux. “I’ve been doing a bit of writing and realising where it’s going, through it sort of telling me and then listening to music after that, rather than trying to put that music into my music,” she said.

Speaking in 2014, Jackson insisted that her “frustration” with her record label regarding the promotion of second album ‘Trouble In Paradise’, had ultimately been a positive experience.

Jackson repeatedly criticised Polydor for what she saw as a lack of support for the LP following its release. Speaking last year, she said: “It seems to me that maybe they wanted Number Ones and if they don’t get them they’re not really bothered.”

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