La Roux working on ‘futuristic, more innovative’ third album – watch

Elly Jackson released second album 'Trouble In Paradise' in 2014

La Roux has revealed that work on her third album has already begun.

The singer, real name Elly Jackson, released second album ‘Trouble In Paradise’ in 2014, some five years after her 2009 debut record.

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However, speaking in a new interview Jackson suggests that there will not be another extended wait for new music from La Roux. “I’ve been doing a bit of writing and realising where it’s going, through it sort of telling me and then listening to music after that, rather than trying to put that music into my music,” she says.

“I’m much more independent now and I don’t have any battles to fight with anyone, which is very refreshing,” Jackson adds in the Zig-Zag’s ‘Rolling with…’ interview. “It will sound a lot [more] free and soulful. I’m not saying soulful in a classic way, I’m not going to make a soul record full of ballads and work with Rick Rubin. This is not my vibe. I’ll always want it to be futuristic. I want this record to be a lot more innovative and have the classic emotion of soul but still be futuristic and innovative. I don’t want to go over old ground musically at all.”

Watch the video in full, below, now.

Speaking in 2014, Jackson insisted that her “frustration” with her record label regarding the promotion of her most recent album, ‘Trouble In Paradise’, had ultimately been a positive experience.

Jackson repeatedly criticised Polydor for what she saw as a lack of support for the LP following its release. Speaking last year, she said: “It seems to me that maybe they wanted Number Ones and if they don’t get them they’re not really bothered.”


Jackson went on to tell NME that although she is still unhappy with the promotion campaign behind the album, she feels the experience has ultimately benefited her and left her in a strong position.

“The frustration is that you don’t feel like the promise that’s been made to you has been kept,” she said: “It sounds odd, but that’s what’s been so nice about it – it’s made me realise what I do want. And what I do care about, and all I really need to survive as an artist and to be who I want to be.

“Of course I’d love it if more people heard [‘Trouble…’], but it doesn’t really matter. The important bit is that the people that did hear it now understand me as something different. I think part of me always knew it would be a transitional record. It’s only a small piece of a much larger thing that I need to continue to add to, and that’s the exciting bit.”

Keep your eyes peeled. There’s going to be much more to come via Zig-Zag’s ‘Rolling with…’ this summer from both La Roux and Catfish And The Bottlemen, it’s not to be missed!

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