La Roux’s album blocked from free Spotify service

Record taken down at record label's request

La Roux‘s debut album has been removed from the free version of music streaming service Spotify.

Attempts to play the album, released last June and previously available on the free version of Spotify, result in a message declaring that it is now a “premium exclusive”. This marks the first time that an album has been made a post-release exclusive for the paid-for version of the service.

A Spotify spokesperson told music blog Music Ally that the album had been removed at the request of La Roux‘s record label. They said they were hoping to return it to the free service.

“The rights holders have asked that we remove La Roux‘s album from the free service as of this week, so it’s currently only available to subscribers,” they said. “We look forward to adding La Roux back for all of our users in the near future.”

Similarly, the album is only available as preview clips on free music streaming site We7.