La Roux’s Elly Jackson dismisses ‘eighties’ accusations

Singer says she's 'just pop music'

Elly Jackson of La Roux has answered back to detractors of the band who have dismissed the duo’s sound as an unreconstructed throwback to the ’80s.

The ‘In For The Kill’ singer accepted that there are elements of classic acts The Human League, Heaven 17, Blancmange and Simple Minds in their music, but was adamant that there is more to the band than that.

“We certainly haven’t just gone and tried to recreate ’80s music,” she told The Quietus.


She added: “But because it’s all synths, people go ‘oh, ’80s’. It’s just pop music! Eurythmics were never seen as electropop, it was just pop music. Neither were Depeche Mode, it’s just pop music. This is a ’50s-inspired quiff! Get a grip.”

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