La Roux requests Lava La Rue changes name as it sounds “exactly the same” as hers

"I don't think this is cool," said La Roux

La Roux has requested that Lava La Rue changes their name because it sounds “exactly the same” as hers.

The artist (real name Elly Jackson) contacted Lava La Rue via direct message on Instagram, with the latter subsequently sharing a screenshot of Jackson’s request on her Stories feed.

“I would really appreciate it if you got a name that didn’t sound exactly the same as mine, good luck in everything you do but I don’t think this is cool,” Jackson wrote.


Lava La Rue
Lava La Rue. CREDIT: Jack Cullis

Lava La Rue replied by telling Jackson they “absolutely love” her music before explaining that their moniker “is an anagram of my real name” (Ava Laurel).

“The spelling of La Rue translates to ‘the street’ in French so has a totally different meaning but it’s literally an anagram of the name I was born with like on my birth certificate,” they wrote.

“I’m named after my grandma but you can have words with her if you’re uncomfortable with the pronounciation being so similar. I’m sorry.”

La Roux has not yet responded to Lava La Rue’s explanation at the time of writing.


Lava La Rue released their ‘Butter-Fly’ EP back in February. In a four-star review, NME wrote: “‘Butter-Fly’ revels tonally and thematically in Laurel’s first flush of love, and being its voyager is a rewarding experience. Their next journey will no doubt be just as thrilling.”

La Roux, meanwhile, dropped her third album ‘Supervision’ in February 2020. It followed on from 2014’s ‘Trouble In Paradise’.