Labrinth ‘takes down 50 crowd members’ in failed stage dive – watch

When the singer leaps into the audience during a university gig, crowd members fail to catch him...

Labrinth has followed in Miguel‘s unlucky footsteps by attempting a stagedive – and ending up on the floor.

The singer leapt into the audience during a performance at the University Of Kent’s Summer Ball on Saturday (June 1), but crowd members failed to catch him and his fall caused a domino effect that took out “over 50 people”, according to the gig-goer who posted footage of the incident on YouTube. See above for a video clip of Labrinth’s failed stage dive.

However, Labrinth went on to complete his set and later shrugged off the embarrassing mishap by posting a photo of his stagedive on Twitter.


Miguel’s recent failed stage dive may have more serious consequences. The R&B singer was performing his track ‘Adorn’ live at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas in May when he attempted to jump over the fans in front of him and onto a separate part of the stage.

However, he miscalculated his dive and ended up landing on a female member of the crowd called Khyati Shah. Her lawyer has now claimed that Shah could be brain damaged.