Labrinth: ‘My new single sounds like Daft Punk’

Solo artist and producer also says Kraftwerk inspired 'Last Time'

Labrinth has revealed that his new single, ‘Last Time’, is inspired by French electro duo, Daft Punk.

The ‘Earthquake’ star admitted that the track, the third to be taken from his forthcoming debut album ‘Electronic Earth’, is influenced by his love for science fiction movies.

Labrinth told Capital FM that he “gravitated” towards the electronic “vibe and sound”.

He added:

I love Sci-Fi. Every time I look on a movie case it always says Sci-Fi. It’s (the look of it) that attracts me

The solo artist and producer compared the track’s sound to the French electro duo, but he also says that it has elements of electronic pioneers, Kraftwerk, in the mix.

“German band Kraftwerk were inspired by electronic music,” said the 22-year-old singer. “That’s why I wanted to have my own perception of it.”

Earlier this month, Labrinth wrote in a blog for the Huffington Post that he was worried his debut album would be leaked online before its release, saying that it “played on his mind”.

Scroll down and click to view the video for ‘Last Time’, the third single to be taken from Labrinth’s debut album,’Electronic Earth’, due out April 2.