Lady Gaga spitroasted and vomited on at SXSW event – watch

The popstar played 'Artpop' material last night at Stubb's in Austin, Texas

Lady Gaga opened her SXSW set at Stubb’s in Austin, Texas, strapped onto a giant spitroast.

Prior to Gaga’s arrival on stage last night (March 13) at 10pm local time, a spotlit woman on the stage ate BBQ meat and sausages in front of the crowd, pouring sauce over herself for a good five minutes. Tied to a spit, Lady Gaga was rolled on and rotated, as leather clad men ‘tenderised’ the singer, by grabbing her bottom and thighs as she sang ‘Aura’, the opening track from her third album, ‘Artpop’.

Let down from the spit, Gaga went on to address the crowd, saying: “Are you having a good time? I’ve been having such a good time all week. I haven’t showered. I’ve been drinking a lot and eating. Are you hungry?” She then played ‘Manicure’, during which she pulled off her shirt, playing the rest of the set in her bra and knickers. ‘Jewels N’ Drugs’ followed, with Gaga’s band showering the crowd with beer, as did as the woman who had eaten the meat at the start of the show.


At the end of the song, Gaga told the crowd to stop taking pictures on their camera phones, saying: “Do me a favour and don’t take a picture. Put your fucking phones down. Fuck your cell phones and fuck your friends instead.” ‘Swine’, another track from the singer’s latest album saw Gaga welcoming a “friend from London”, artist Millie Brown, onto the stage, whilst neon signs saying ‘Lady Gaga’s BBQ – Haus of Swine’ lit up at the back of the stage. After Brown vomited luminous green liquid onto the stage, the pair clambered atop a large brass pig styled bucking bronco, which had a ball gag in its mouth, and rode it together, simulating sex until the track’s close.

A solo piano performance of ‘Dope’ was followed by a country music, fiddle-assisted version of ‘Bad Romance’ and ‘Applause’, which saw Gaga welcoming her friends in the band Semi Precious Weapons onto the stage. ‘Gypsy’ was dedicated to the victims of the car crash in the early hours of yesterday morning. “I really want to dedicate this song to the tragedy of last night,” said Gaga, who added that life is “so short sometimes and it’s so unfair.” She then said: “When you leave this earth no-one’s gonna give a fuck what you tweeted.”

Lady Gaga played:

‘Jewels N’ Drugs’
‘Bad Romance’

Lady Gaga is the keynote speaker at the SXSW Music festival. Gaga will give a talk today (March 14) at the festival, led by journalist John Norris at the Hilton Austin hotel. She brings her artRAVE tour to the UK in October, with arena shows in Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin, London and Birmingham.