Lady Gaga’s music no longer banned in China

Singer had previously been placed on black list in China due to 'vulgarity'

Lady Gaga‘s music is no longer banned in China.

The singer, along with Katy Perry, Beyonce, Take That and a group of other artists, had songs banned by the Chinese government in 2011 after they were deemed vulgar by the Chinese Ministry Of Culture and placed on a ‘poor taste’ blacklist. Around 100 songs ended up on the list in total.

The decision has been reversed, however, with Gaga’s latest album ‘Artpop’, in its original state, now approved for release. The singer tweeted to express her delight.

When the ban initially came in, music sites were given around three weeks to remove the offending tracks which officials say harmed “national cultural security.” Gaga had six tracks banned, including ‘Marry The Night’ and ‘Edge Of Glory’, while Backstreet Boys’ ‘I Want It That Way’, on sale for around 10 years before the ruling, was also banned.

Prior to this announcement, Gaga claimed she had been “betrayed” and “mismanaged” by the people around her, resulting in the delays and problems she faced with ‘Artpop’.