Lady Gaga unveils life size ‘Gagadoll’ made by Japanese ‘love doll’ manufacturer

The prototypes feature Gaga's music playing inside their chests

Lady Gaga has unveiled a life size doll in her likeness, called the ‘Gagadoll’.

The silicone replicas were revealed yesterday (December 1) in Tokyo by the singer, and, in place of a heartbeat, it is possible to hear Gaga’s music emanating from the dolls’ chest.

The dolls have been made by the Orient Industry company, who are famous for making ‘love dolls’, reports the Japan Times. In a press conference, Gaga said of the dolls: “They look so much like me. I respect your art… and the detail you put into the dolls”. The prototype dolls are not for sale.

Last month, Lady Gaga hit back at critics of her work, and confirmed that she plans to tour her ‘ArtRAVE’ live show, debuted in New York earlier this month. Posting on Twitter, she said she “will never understand the overflow of hate sent my way”.

Prior to the tweets about her critics, Lady Gaga appeared to confirm that she will embark on a series of ArtRave live shows following the first, in Brooklyn, which took place in November. She tweeted: “Oh my darling monsters, you will years from now know how important the artRave really was. I can’t wait to turn it into a tour!” ‘ARTPOP’ is Lady Gaga’s third studio album and was released on November 6, with the LP subsequently becoming her third release to chart at Number One on the Official UK Albums Chart.